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legal stuff

The articles posted here are intended to serve as "virtual clips," made available online:
1. to spare you the hassles of photocopies
2. to free me from waiting-line marathons at Kinko's and the post office
3. to save countless trees.

However, these stories and their accompanying graphics may not be distributed or in any way profited from. Contracts and rights vary, but in most cases, articles are the property of the magazines that published them. In addition, the artists and photographers who contributed to the stories you see here own the rights to their individual work. But as no one wants to look at boring old text all by itself, I've included small thumbnails of each story's layout. So please: Read responsibly. If you really want a hard copy of the actual story, as it was published, give me a call or send me an e-mail.

I do owe a credit to my good friend Wendy Schott, who took the photograph of me on the "about me" page. Check out Wendy's website for more of her wonderful work.

And I do, in fact, own all the fabulous clip-art-looking icons you see on this site. I drew them all myself, believe it or not. With an El Marko. Er, I mean, with a generic indelible-ink felt-tip marker.