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Pointer Rescue Organization (PRO)
OK, this site is really devoted to getting work for me. But I can't resist putting in a plug for my favorite organization.

Anybody looking for a great dog? A very, very high-energy animal who'll keep you company on any outdoor adventures you take (including long-distance running), then come home and hog the couch? I adopted Charley, a field-bred English pointer, several years ago through the Pointer Rescue Organization (PRO), a group of people devoted to saving terrific dogs that, for one reason or another, need homes. Maybe they flunked out of bird-dog school, maybe they got lost. Maybe, like Charley, they showed more aptitude for pointing butterflies than partridges.

Anyway, I can't say enough about how cool Charley is (see his picture, above). He's friendly, he's entertaining, and he'll point anything. I love him so much, in fact, that I convinced my husband a few years ago to adopt another pointer, Hank. Check him out (he's the one on the right):

UPDATE (January 2007): Turns out, my husband and I are terrible foster (dog) parents. We heard about a little pointer in a shelter in Durango, Colorado, and agreed to take him in until we could find him a permanent home. See if you can guess how that turned out? So here is Oliver (he's the one on the far right, in the picture below):

For more information on rescuing a pointer—I absolutely cannot adopt another one—please check out the PRO website (