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Made Simple"

Expert tips on how to avoid
common mistakes—and get a
natural-looking faux glow

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"Top Wrinkle Zappers"

A complete guide to the most
effective ways to smoothe out
lines and stay looking young

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"Break Bad Beauty Habits"

Sometimes, you can get away
with less-than-perfect habits.
Other times, they're witten all
over your face

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"Five 'Good' Habits
That Hurt You"

Those efforts to do everything
right may be sabotaging your
healrth and well-being

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"Why You Need
Realistic Goals"

Pie-in-the-sky thinking is
bad for your psyche

"How to Make Your
Messages Heard"

It matters what you say, and
how—and where—you say it

"Natural Skin Remedies:
What Works"

Whatever's troubling your skin,
Mother Nature’s got the answer

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